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Lady Tigers finish track season victorious

By Coach Morgan Marks

NEWKIRK — The Lady Tigers Middle School track team has recently wrapped up their season. The girls put in a ton of effort, and it paid off. At each of the meets that the teams attended, they brought home medals in several events. There were numerous personal records set, and broken, this track season. As their coach, I could not be more proud of this group of girls!

Marks is assisted by coaches Megan Karsten and Megan Schieber.

One of those records broken was by Nicole Free, who broke a school record, running the 3200m run. She ran the 2-mile in 13:50.01.

Dewey Lady Bulldoggers track meet, March 26

Seventh grade division

4X100m relay: third place, 1:00.58; 4X200m relay: third place, 2:10.97; 4X400m relay: fourth place, 5:15.18; and 4X800m relay: third place, 13:05.15.

High jump: Angie Chace, fourth place, 4 ft.

1600m run: Nicole Free, first place, 6:18.88

Eighth grade division

4X400m relay: third place, 5:11.02; 4X800m relay: third place, 12:34.91

High jump: Kayden Voegel third place 4 ft.

Pole vault: Peyton Banister, third place, 4 ft.

1600m run: Kambree Gardener, second place, 6:44.15

Pawhuska Lady Huskies track meet, March 30

Seventh grade division

High jump: Brinlea Weant, third place, 3 ft. 9 in.

1600m run: Nicole Free, first place, 6:05.51; Claire Schieber, sixth place, 6:57

Eighth grade division

Shot put: Kayden Garrison, fourth place, 28 ft., 4.5 in.

High jump: Kayden Voegele, sixth place, 3 ft. 10 in.

800m run: Peyton Banister, fourth place, 2:58.88; 1600m run: Kambree Gardener, fourth place, 6:39

Pawnee Lady Black Bears sixth grade meet, April 8

4X100m relay: first place, 1:02.08; 4X200m relay: second place, 2:18.58; and 4X400m relay: first place, 5:23.57

80m hurdles: Tiffany Barney, first place, 18.32

200m dash: Emma Lawson, third place, 31.95

1000m run: Nicole Free, first place 3:20

Pawnee Lady Black Bears seventh grade meet, April 8

4X100m relay: first place, 58.8; 4X200m relay: first place, 2:07; and 4X400m relay: first place, 4:56.76

Discus: Claire Schieber, second place, 57 ft. 4 in.

High jump: Brinlea Weant, second place, 3 ft. 10 in.

Long jump: Lilly Free, first place, 11 ft. 11 in.

800m run: Libby Taylor, first place. 3:00.09; 1600m run: Claire Schieber, first place, 6:33

100m dash: Brooklynne Reyes, third place; 14.52 and Brynna Yandell fifth place, 14.85; and 400m dash: Libby Taylor, first place, 1:16.47

Medford Lady Cardinals, April 12 (seventh grade – eighth grade all in one division)

Seventh grade 4x100m relay: fifth place, 1:01.3

Pole vault: Peyton Banister, third place, 5 ft. 6 in.

1600m run: Nicole Free, first place 5:59.93; Tynlee Ramey, fifth place, 6:38; and Claire Schieber, sixth place, 6:44

Seventh grade relays

4X100: Brooklynne Reyes, Brinlea Weant, Lilly Free, Brynna Yandell and Angie Chace

4X200: Brooklynne Reyes, Angie Chace, Lilly Free and Brynna Yandell

4X400: Brooklynne Reyes, Tiffany Barney, Lilly Free and Brynna Yandell

4:800: Claire Schieber, Tiffany Barney, Libby Taylor, Nicole Free and Jozie Peri

Eighth grade relays

4X100: Nicole Free, Maddyson Mauzey, Emma Lawson and Kate Free

4X200: Maddyson Mauzey, Kayden Voegele, Peyton Banister and Kate Free

4X400: Nicole Free, Peyton Banister, Allison Schneeberger ad Emma Lawson

4X800: Kate Free, Allison Schneeberger, Kambree Gardener and Emma Lawson

Sixth grade team members: Tiffany Barney, Halleigh Courtney, Samilynn DeCosta, Nicole Free, Emalee Garrison, Mimrosz Halls, Madalyn Hutchason, Braylen Kennedy, Raylynn Kubik, Emma Lawson, Maddyson Mauzey, Jozie Peri, Baylee Perry, Karlie Sheik and Alyssa Yandell.

Seventh grade members: Angelina Chace, Lilly Free, Ava Owen, Brooklynne Reyes, Claire Schieber, Liberty Taylor, Brinlea Weant and Brynna Yandell

Eighth grade members: Peyton Banister, Kera Beshirs, Abigail Brumback, Kate Free, Mabree Gardner, Kayden Garrison, Ashlynn Hageberg, Payton Johnson, Ashlynn Perry, Tynlee Ramey, Allison Schneeberger, Kayden Voegele, Madison Wathor and Kaylin West.



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