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Anderson, Cobb elected to new terms

By Everett Brazil, III

The Newkirk Herald Journal

NEWKIRK — Newkirk voters went to the polls April 4, and chose to retain Joe Anderson and Russell Cobb in their respective positions of city commission and Newkirk Public School Board of Education.

Anderson and Cobb ran for a second term against new candidates Bill Wiggs and Daniel Koelsch. Anderson won by 68.58 percent of the vote with 155 votes, versus the 71 votes for Wiggs.

Cobb won his seat with 68.05 percent of the vote, with 311 votes, while Koelsch won 146.

The Newkirk elections were not alone, as there were many other elections across the county.

Kildare Public School also had a school board election, pitting Bryce Vap against Michael S. Smith.

Bryce would win the board position, with a vote of 51 to 8.

Kaw City saw a race for mayor with Jerry Brown and David Kilian. Brown would win with a vote of 64 – 34.

Tonkawa had three election choices.

One was Councilmember Ward Number Four. Reece Simpson won the seat against Rick Allen with a vote of 267 to 124.

Also on the ballot was Tonkawa Councilmember-at-Large. Stacy Burns won the position with 227 votes, over Paula Woodward, with 165 votes.

Tonkawa Public Schools had an election for Office Number Three.

Melanie Caughlin-Bellinghausen won 296 votes over Jera McCann, with 205 votes.

Three candidates vied for Kay County District Three, including Jeff Kreger, Shannon Leathermon and Paul Skidmore.

Kregar would win with 571 votes. Leatherman received 195 and Skidmore won 134.

The Braman Board of Trustees had an election for Office Number 1. LaDonna Haven defeated Shawn Shirley 25 -24.

Ponca City also had a vote for the Board of Education. Judy Thoop defeated Rod D. Wohl 589 – 405.

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