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Lewis, Mauzey named NMS Students of the Month

Press Release

Newkirk Middles School (NMS) is please to announce Noah Lewis and Maddey Mauzey as the March Students of the Month.

Lewis is the son of Jeffery and Bryanna Lewis. He enjoys playing baseball and wrestling. His favorite subjects in school are P.E. and science because in both classes they get to do stuff.

He has been Student of the Week in Newkirk Elementary School and Student of the Month at NMS. He contributes his success in school to his amazing teachers. Lewis would like to go to Oklahoma State University (OSU) and earn his bachelor’s degree in business administration and he would really like to play baseball. He believes students can make a positive contribution to society by having a good attitude.

Mauzey is the daughter of Nellie Mauzey. She enjoys playing softball, both school and travel ball, as well as school wrestling and off-season wrestling and running track. She also likes to weld, participate with the Arkansas City Tumbleweed Car Club, go fishing and water skiing and working construction with her Papa.

Mauzey has a few favorite subjects in school, one of those being Ag because she likes to learn about agricultural science. She also likes Spanish because she likes learning different languages, and athletics because it teaches her to be a team player in different situations that can be applied to life.

She was on the team that broke the NMS record in the 3200 relay during the 2022 track season. She was a state junior high placer this year and it was her first time to ever wrestle. She was the Champion Kay County Free Fair (KCFF) Hereford Heifer, second place in the KCFF for welding, third place in the Tulsa State Fair in welding and has been listed on the superintendent’s honor roll.

Mauzey contributes her success in school to extra practice with her coaches in sports, keeping up her homework, asking questions when she doesn’t understand and the teachers and coaches who have given her their time and patience in academics and sports.

Once she graduates high school, she plans to complete college with honors, earning an engineering degree from OSU. She would also like to continue to be involved in sports, either coaching or still playing.

She believes that students can make a positive contribution to society through leading by example, helping younger kids understand how important school is, being a role model for others and helping with community events.

Congratulations to Noah and Maddy.


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