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City moves forward with second Chestnut Street waterline replacement project

By Everett Brazil, III

The Newkirk Herald Journal

NEWKIRK — New construction has been seen along North Chestnut Street recently, with water lines lying on the front of the sidewalk as the city of Newkirk seeks to finish the replacement of the line for better flow of water for local residents.

It is the second phase of the Chestnut Street waterline, the first of which was completed in 2021. The line has been slated for replacements due to problems on an ailing line.

“It’s an older line, and because of it being an old line, we’ve had quite a few leaks in the line,” City Manager Ryan Smykil said.

The contract was awarded to Patriot Construction, Guthrie, at a cost of $265,893.24. Funding was provided through the Oklahoma Water Resources Board. The original reconstruction began with a grant through the Northern Oklahoma Development Authority (NODA).

“We started this process through a grant through the NODA, and this time, it’s the OWRB,” Smykil said. “It doesn’t cost the city anything. We had a funded contract, so we also didn’t cost the taxpayers money.”

It is hoped that the new waterline will serve city residents for increased water pressure.

“We’re replacing the line so it’ll be in much better shape for hopefully years to come,” Smykil said.



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