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County properties to be offered for $1

Press Release

NEWKIRK — The Kay County Treasurer would like to make the public aware that they will be conducting a special Commissioner’s Sale at 9 a.m. in the treasurer’s office on Aug. 9in the Kay County Administration Building.

The building is located next to the Kay County Courthouse, which is currently under remodel.

The sale is different from a regular Commissioner’s Sale because the county will be absorbing the cost of advertising and fees. All properties acquired by Kay County through the annual Tax Resale will be included.

The bidding will start at $1 each, with the property going to the highest bidder.

As always, these properties are “Buyer Beware” and it is up to the bidders to do all research on the properties.  A buyer should be aware of any liens against the property such as an IRS, Oklahoma Healthcare Authority or Oklahoma Tax Commission lien. The properties to be offered are as follows and a list is also available at
Please contact the Kay County Treasurer’s office by phone at (580) 362-2523 or by e-mail for Christy Kennedy at ckennedy@courthouse.kay.ok.usor Rhonda Stephens at


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