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Kay County OHCE celebrates activities and achievements

Press Release

NEWKIRK — “Every Bunny Join OHCE” was the theme of the recent spring Oklahoma Home and Community Education (OHCE) Kay County Association Meeting.

Groups from across the county met at the OSU Extension educational room.

Christina Collins, county president, called the meeting to order. Cindy Empting, membership chair, introduced guest and new members. The OHCE Creed was led by Marcina Overman. Teri Harris, secretary, led the flag salute, roll call, minutes and correspondence.  Betty Glasgow gave an inspirational thought, plus memorials for Melba Irwin, Kildare, and Paul Hoopes, Caring Hands and Hearts. Leslie Young gave the treasure report.

Committee reports were given by chairpersons Marcina Overman, Teri Harris, Leslie Young, Frances Bohannon, Diana Scott and Cindy Empting. The Northeast District OHCE meeting activities were reported.

Cindy Empting, PR/Membership chairperson recognized new members Kathleen Kirkland, Mary Hoopes and Denise Wesley, Caring Hands and Hearts; Carolyn Kahle, Fun and Fundamental; Kea Slavens, Nardin; and Janice Cob, Happy Hearts and Homes. Recognized for the largest membership gain was Caring Hands and Hearts OHCE. Members recognized for their years of service were Sue Roy, Kildare, five years; Diann Decker, Happy Hears and Homes, 10 years; Ella Wenman, Fun & Fundamental, 15 years; Shirley Moraine, Nardin, 20 years; Brenda Schneeberger, Kildare, 40 years; Glenda Wise, Creative Homemakers, 50 years; and Melba Irwin, Kildare, 65 years.

Creative Homemakers OHCE celebrated 50 years as a group. Kildare OHCE celebrated 75 years as a group.
Standard of Excellence Awards were given to Happy Hearst and Homes, Fun & Fundamental, Kildare and Creative Homemakers. Perfect Attendance awards were given to Glenda Wise and Leslie Young, Creative Homemakers; Karen Overman and Marcina Overman, Kildare; and Kathy Fitch, Betty Glasgow, and Frances Bohannon, Fun and Fundamental.

Announcements about OHCE Week activities during May 1-7 were made. OHCE Tea Party Social on May 6 and Annual State meeting will be July 10-12. Christina Collins led the Club Collect.

Meeting was adjourned to have the Kildare 75th anniversary cake and punch.

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