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NPS to see building roof upgrades

By Everett Brazil, III

The Newkirk Herald Journal

NEWKIRK — Two Newkirk Public Schools (NPS) buildings have faced roof problems in recent years, some due to leaks and condensation. Those problems will soon disappear, as the NPS Board of Education voted to move forward to fund repairs for the integrity of the structures.

The NPS Board of Education met April 11, and two important measures passed by the Board addressed building roof repairs on campus.

One discussion concerned the replacement of the roof on Newkirk Elementary School (NES), using ESSER III funds, not to exceed $1 million.

“These are a federal revenue source that was received in response to the COVID-19 epidemic,” said Superintendent Scott Kempenich. “We’re looking at replacing the elementary roof with these one-time funds.”

The roof has been previously repaired, including with numerous leak patches, he said, but now simply needs to be replaced.

“The roof has outlived its warranty. It’s been a good roof, but it’s just time to replace it,” he said.

Not replacing it with the funds will later require school funds for the project.

“If we don’t replace it now with these funds, we’ll be replacing it with the building fund, or a bond,” he said. “We’re going to have more problems with it if we don’t do it now.”

A second item focused on high school roof repairs for $135,000 using ESSER II funds. The roof has already been repaired.

“When the summer hit, we’d have condensation from the air system, and it would drip into the classrooms, so we enveloped the building properly,” Kempenich said.

The School Board decided to address the problems immediately, instead of waiting for later action, which could lead to losing the funding.

“We have an opportunity to fix it now instead of fixing it later,” he said. “Kicking it down the road when we have the funding just isn’t wise.”

The School Board’s next meeting will be May 9 at 7 p.m. in the Commons.

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