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NFD to flush hydrant system

By Everett Brazil, III

The Newkirk Herald Journal

NEWKIRK — Newkirk residents may see a brown shade to their drinking water for several days starting Aug. 23, as the NFD flushes their hydrant system in an effort to keep the system running, and remain in standing with the city’s insurance policy.

The project will flush every hydrant in the community over several days beginning Aug. 23.

“Customers in town can expect some brown water, and that’s caused by the opening of the hydrants,” said firefighter Richard Hinthorn. “They might experience the brown water for a couple of days, off and on.”
Hinthorn said that the brown tint is due to residue within the pipes.

“The brown water is actually different things, from the breakup of iron or manganese, or the buildup in the main water lines that come apart,” Hinthorn said.

The hydrants will also be repainted several colors, including blue, red, green, orange and black.

“The colors mean the gallons per minute that the hydrant will put out,” he said. “We determine that off of pressure tests.”
The flushing will help meet ISO standards, which determine insurance rates for the city. The city is currently at a rating of 3, and the flushing of the system, along with the new tanker truck, will help the city move up to a rating of 2.

“ISO is based on a lot of factors – water supply, EMS communication and community outreach for fire safety,” Hinthorn said.

For more information, contact City Hall, at (580) 362-2117 or NFD at (580) 362-3131.


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