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NHS announces spring honor rolls

Press Release

NEWKIRK — Newkirk High School is pleased to announce the spring 2021 semester Superintendent’s and Principal’s honor rolls. Students on the Superintendent’s honor rolls made all A’s in their course work, while those on the Principal’s honor rolls earned A’s and B’s

Superintendent’s honor roll

Bailey Backhaus, Brooke Backhaus, Kaitlyn Ball, Rebel Caldwell, Owen Case, Emily Chrisman, Kaiden Gregory, Brielle Horton, Haiden Huster, Laithan Knight, Anisa Layton, Logan Smith, Mikayla Spears and Ethan Vap

Principal’s honor roll

Carly Ballagh, Taylor Bedore, Raychell Beshirs, Gracie Case, Garrett Clark, Tate Cline, Delaney Colquhoun, Kaley Counterman, Dakota Fiarris, Dalton Focke, Caleb Free, Maya Gentry, Coy Harrill, Blake Johnston, Khylen Knight, Aiyanna LeClair, Morgan Luis, Matthew Mayse, Dalley Nichols Huster, Tristan Ramey, Logan Rhea, Annalee Sewell, Andrew Shelton, Ezra Shelton, Halie Shirley, Kyson Vap, Morgan Wathor and Chase Watson



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