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Kildare School Donation

Courtesy Photo for The Newkirk Herald Journal

Karen Overman, president of Kildare OHCE, on the right, took books and book pillows to Janna Lambring’s first grade class at Kildare School. The book pillows were a service project made by the members of Kildare OHCE for Kildare’s fist grade and Peckham School’s first and third grade classes. Members of the Kildare OHCE are Melba Irwin, Karen Overman, Brenda Schneeberger, Joyce Crouch, Stacie Smith, Teri Harris, Sue Roy, Everett Brazil, III and Marcina Overman.

Front row, from left, Korbin King, Heston Smith, Brooklynne Barton and Ryker Ford. Back row, Lambring, Sammuel Denton, Laython Lawson, Jace Wilson, Jentry Schaefer, Calyn Packard and Karen Overman.


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