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Kildare first graders gifted by OHCE members

By Everett Brazil, III

KILDARE — First grade students at Kildare Public School (KPS) received special gifts Tuesday, April 27, as a representative of the Kildare OHCE (Oklahoma Home and Community Education) club dropped by the school to show appreciation for the school and its students.

The gifts included first grade-level books, which they could tuck into a pocket in a special pillow.

Kildare OHCE member Karen Overman made the presentation Tuesday, April 27. They also make presentations to Peckham Public School, she said.

The pillows were crafted by several OHCE members, including Karen Overman, as well as Marcina Overman and Sue Roy.

“This is our way of giving back to the school,” Karen Overman said.

First grade teacher Janna Lambring was thrilled about the gifts.

“This was something nice they did for us,” Lambring said. “The kids all liked it.”

The Kildare OHCE has been crafting pillows for KPS students for many decades, previously focusing on “fairy pillows,” which are small pillows designed for children’s lost teeth from the “Tooth Fairy.”

“It’s a little pillow that has the face of a tooth on it, and we always give tooth brushes and tooth paste. We do it in February to promote dental health,” Overman said. “We’ve made them 45 years.”

They decided to take the event in a new direction a few years ago, after brainstorming on new pillow ideas.

The concept of a book pillow came from Roy, and the club ran with it. Newkirk Public Librarian Marcina Overman selected the books, most of which were individual, and each student chosen his or her own book.

“We liked the idea of the book and pillow together, and the kids also liked it,” Karen Overman said.

The gifts were presented to the first graders Tuesday.

“They got to come up, one at a time, and pick which pillow they wanted, and pick which book they wanted,” Lambring said. “The book fits inside a pocket on the pillow.”

Superintendent Bruce Shelley is thankful for the donations.

I want to thank the members of the Oklahoma Home and Community it’s Education Club for their support of Kildare School,” he said.

As for the OHCE members, it’s simply a way to show love to the students and staff at KPS.

“This is a service project that is something that is good for the students,” Karen Overman said.







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