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NPS staff receive COVID-19 vaccine

By Everett Brazil, III

The Newkirk Herald Journal

Newkirk — Public educators are on the forefront of society, teaching the younger generations to be a better part of the culture and helping them attain a high school diploma and college degree. Because of that, they are also at risk of COVID-19, whether contracting the disease through students or outside the school. Newkirk Public Schools has taken a step to protect the health of both educators and staff, as well as students, as the first round of the COVID-19 vaccinations have been administered to NPS employees to keep the disease out of the school.

The first round of the vaccine was administered Thursday, Feb. 25, and many NPS staff members received the shot. The second round of the Moderna vaccine should be available from four to six weeks, according to NPS Superintendent Scott Kempenich.

“I think it is important for teachers to get the vaccine, because they are in contact with potential carriers every day, so for our safety it’s important we have the opportunity to take the vaccine,” Kempenich said.

The shots were only the first of two shots, and were administered by representatives from Newkirk Family Health Clinic.

“They did a great job, and had a fact sheet with information on the vaccine,” Kempenich said. “We got actual documentation of the COVID-19 vaccine. It shows we got the first dose, and it also shows the second dose.”

School administrators are excited about about the vaccines and protecting the health and wellness of the school, both teachers and students.

“Beating the virus is our number one goal, and as long as we’re all working together, hopefully, we can beat it,” said NHS Principal Kevin Engle.


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