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NPL launches cake pan sharing program

By Everett Brazil, III

The Newkirk Herald Journal

NEWKIRK — The local library offers many educational opportunities to the community, ranging from the written word, including books, newspapers and magazines, to cds and DVD’s, and even computer and internet access for those who may not have it. Outside of books or magazines, the culinary arts aren’t typically part of the program, but Newkirk Public Library (NPL) is changing that, as they have created a new program to offer cake pans to library members who may want to make that one one special treat for their loved ones.

The program was the brainchild of Kelle Cross, who had seen it in a town in Kansas prior relocating back to her hometown of Newkirk. Melanie Brower had her own cake pans, and was happy to jump into the project.

“I was going through boxes at my house, and had too many cake pans, so I decided to donate them to the library,” Brower said. “I do cooking, cakes for the community on a regular basis, so I’m setting up a Facebook page for people to share tips and advice.”

The idea is to share cake pans with the community for bakers to have a special pan for that one tasty treat.

Those checking out a cake pan must have a library card to participate.

“We’ll be checking it out like a dvd a week, then it’s returned,” Librarian Marcina Overman said.

Any cake pan donations are allowed, and it is recommended that all pans are washed prior to usage.

For more information, contact the NPL at (580) 362-3934.

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