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NPS receives new SUVs as part of vehicle bond

By Everett Brazil, III

The Newkirk Herald Journal

Newkirk — Student transportation safety at Newkirk Public Schools (NPS) has greatly increased, thanks to the recent acquisition of several SUVs, adding to a fleet of vans and buses to transport small groups to area functions.

NPS received three 2021 Chevrolet Suburbans from Stuteville Chevrolet, Ponca City, as part of a $275,000 bond, passed on Feb. 11. The bond included the SUVs, along with one special education bus for transport to events like Special Olympics. The vehicles were purchased for $138,765, or about $46,000 each.

The vehicles are expected to greatly increase student transportation options for the school.

“It will allow us to transport more students, and do more activities we need to do,” NPS Superintendent Scott Kempenich said. “We will also get some signage on the vehicles, so we’ll be able to display Newkirk pride.”

One of the reasons cited for the vehicle purchases is age and wear of the vans, although they will still keep several to supplement the fleet.

“We surplussed one van, and for now, we’re keeping two, for various uses,”  Kempenich said. “There was a very high traffic volume on them. It’s important to have something reliable to travel in for our students and staff members.”

Kempenich is happy with the purchase, and believes it will bring pride, not just the school, but also the community to have newer, more reliable vehicles to travel to school events.

“We are really grateful to the community for their support to allow us to get the Suburbans

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