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NES reburies time capsule with new items

By Everett Brazil, III

The Newkirk Herald Journal

NEWKIRK — Newkirk Elementary School (NES) immortalized its legacy in 1993 when they buried a time capsule in front of the school, capturing what life was like in the 1990s. Buried on Sept. 16, 1993, it won’t be opened until Sept. 16, 2093, 100 years after it was preserved for future generations. Those future generations will get to see a glimpse of life in the mid 2000s, as well, as NES administrations recently reburied the time capsule, and added a few new treats in the process.

The time capsule was originally buried in front of the marquee sign and school bell by Gifted & Talented students as a way to show future generations of children what life was like at the time of burial in the mid-1990s. Items included in the burial were VHS tapes, as well as a few toys.

The sealed container had to be removed in 2018, however, when construction began at the school. Where it was once buried became part of a parking lot in front of the new Early Childhood Center at NES. The capsule was temporarily relocated during the process, hidden away on the NPS campus with only a few people knowing its location until it could be reburied.

It has since been returned to NES, and on May 21 it was buried once again, with a few new items to show those students opening it what life was like a few decades later.

“I’m adding a letter explaining why we were digging it up, along with five year books to show what life was like,” said NES Principal Pam Hunter. “It was important for the school to respect the students in collecting the artifacts and make sure their efforts are preserved. We should respect and rebury it for their intentions.”


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