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Longtime Peckham ladies are making the best of the Covid Pandemic time.

By Marie Trenary

Special to The Herald Journal

PECKHAM — Two sweet ladies living in the Peckham community have designated themselves as the “Bag Ladies.”

Carolyn Kahle and Betty Glasgow decided to make the best during these challenging days. Every day, the two ladies put on their masks, grab a trash bag and walk every streets in Peckham picking up trash. They do stop to smile at the neighbors as they go about their task.

Kahle moved to the Peckham area in 1968. All three of her children graduated from Newkirk. She also has eight wonderful grandchildren. Kahle’s hobbies include antiquing, flower arranging and just being a good neighbor. She attends St. John’s Lutheran Church in Newkirk.

Glasgow, better known as “Betty Jean,” moved to Peckham in 1946. She graduated from Newkirk, as did her two children. She has six grandchildren. Her hobbies include baking and gardening. She said she would know what to do if she didn’t have a tomato to stick in the ground. Glasgow attends the Peckham Christian church.

The community appreciates and admires them for their diligence.



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