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Authorities investigate alleged attempted abductions

Press Release

NEWKIRK — The Newkirk Police Department (NPD) received three reports of possible attempted abductions within the city of Newkirk on Aug. 7.

The NPD, Kay County Sheriff’s Office and the Eighth District Attorney Office Drug and Major Crime Unit investigated the incidents.

The identified individuals in the pickup contacted the investigating agencies, detailing the incident.
After the investigation was concluded it is known that the individuals in the pickup identified who they thought was a distant family member’s child walking on the side of the road. The weather temperature and extreme heat index of Aug. 7 was between 95 and 110 degrees. The individuals in the pickup contacted the child and offered the child assistance in the form of transporting the child to their resident to avoid the heat. The child declined and the individuals in the pickup departed the area.

Interviews were conducted with all three alleged victims off the possible attempted child abductions.

No criminal intent on behalf of the individuals in the pickup was found, and it was determined to be a case of mistaken identity of the child involved.

The agencies involved in this investigation would like to thank the community for their assistance in this matter.

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