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NHS students receive awards

Press Release

NEWKIRK — Newkirk High School students and staff gathered in the gym at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church Friday afternoon, May 10, to be recognized for their academic achievements during the 2018-2019 school year.

Many teachers handed out classroom awards to their students.


Owen Case, Kaylen Mills and Maya Gentry, English I; Emily Chrisman, Pre-AP English I; Tanner Cline, Gavin Blakey and Rhianna Grace, English II; Anisa Layton, Kaitlyn Ball, Haley Merhoff, Pre-AP English II; David Leven, Kiley Sheets, Nicole McKenzie and Laura Greenwell, English III; Mary Harrison, AP English III; and Wrangler Ware, Alexiea Smith and Bailey Belair, English IV.

Matthew Mayse, Emily Chrisman and Owen Case, Algebra I; Ryan, Locke, Josh Robb and Nicole McKenzie, Algebra II; Brooklyn Krenn, John Shwayat and JoLynn Snelding, Trigonometry-Pre-Calculus; Laithan Knight, Tanner Cline and Anisa Layton, Geometry; Chris Ryan and Jake Tompkins, Math of Finance; and Alyssa Hobbs, Plane Geometry.

Math/Academic Achievement

Dakota Fiarris and Dayton Godfrey, Algebra I;Dalley Huster, Geometry; Braden Maxwell, Math of Finance; Tyson Lattimer, English IV; Abel Diaz-Lopez, Reading; Angelina Oakes, Life Skills; Hunter Riley, Geometry; Justin Ray, Academic Achievement; and Bradley Fiarris, Work Study.


Gavin Blakey, Bailey Belair, David Leven and Holly Leonard, Environmental Science;Owen Case, Laithan Knight and Emily Chrisman, Physical Science;Chase Watson, Nathan Randol and Haley Merhoff, Biology;Ryan Locke, Shaylee Cushenbery and Nicole McKenzie, Anatomy & Physiology; Skylar Harrill, Brylee Thiel and Logan Rowe, Biology II; and Wrangler Ware, Jolynn Snelding and Anisa Layton, Chemistry.

Laithan Knight, Owen Case, Skylar Harrill, Hagen Riddle and Karissa Young, Oklahoma History.
Khylen Knight, Kiley Mills, Austin Peri and Laike Wilhelm, Economics.
Bradley Fiarris, Anisa Layton and Haiden Huster,Government.
Ryan Locke, History Through Film
Bailey Belair, Current Events
Cassie Steiner, US History
Ryan Locke, AP US History

Mary Harrison and Anisa Layton, Spanish I and Kaitlyn Ball and Brooklynn Krenn, Spanish II


Daniel Allison, Morgan Wathor and Dana Willoughby Art I; Hunter Riley, Starr Graham and Kalee Herbert, Art II and Kaitlynn Thompson, Art III.

Cameron Barnes, Emily Chrisman, Shane Pankey, Alyssa Hobbs, Owen Case and Chase Watson, Computers, and Aubrey Hawkins, Desktop Design.

Tristan Ramey, Health Safety & Living.

Academic Letters 2018-2019


Cameron Barnes, Bailey Belair, Ashley Butler, LeeAnn Cooper, Quincey Gallagher, Kalee Herbert, Kyler Inman, Mackenzie Keeler, Sheridan Luis, Rylee Luis, John Shwayat, Alexiea Smith, Jolynn Snelding, Wrangler Ware, Laike Wilhelm and Dana Willoughby.


Josie Blenz, Elijah Buzzard, Shaylee Cushenbery, Kimber Failing, Skylar Harrill, Mary Harrison, Hunter Hawkins, Mathew Hawkins, Brooklyn Krenn, Holl Leonard, David Levin, Ryan Locke, Nicole McKenzie, Heaven Riddle, Harleigh Riddle, Joshua Robb, Logan Rowe, Kiley Sheets and Brylee Thiel.


Kaitlyn Ball, Gavin Blakey, Tanner cline, Haiden Huster, Anisa Layton, Haley Merhoff, Jayden Perot and Ethan Rhea.


Owen Case, Emily Chrisman, Laithan Knight and Matthew Mayse.

Northern Oklahoma Interscholastic Contest

Art: Starr Graham, fourth place; Michelle Lang, 13thplace; and Dana Willoughby, 14thplace.

Economics: Austin Peri, sixth place and Kiley Mills, eighth place.

Word Processing: Chase Watson, fifth place and Kaiden Gregory, 10thplace.

English I: Owen Case, seventh place and Gentry, 11thplace.

English II: Haiden Huster, third place.

English III: Mary Harrison, fourth place

English V: Kyler Inman, fourth place
Algebra I: Emily Chrisman, fourth place; Matthew Mayse, fifth place; and Morgan Wathor, 18thplace.

Algebra II: Nicole McKenzie, 11th place
Trigonometry: Jolynn Snelding, fourth place and John Shwayat, seventh place.

Chemistry: Wrangler Ware, second place and Jolynn Snelding, fourth place.

Biology: Chase Watson, 11thplace; Haley Merhoff 16thplace; and Nathan Randol, 21stplace.

Physical Science: Laithan Knight, 16thplace;

Spanish II: David Leven, 11thplace.
American History: Mary Harrison, 14thplace.

Nutritional Science: Joshua Robb, third place and Nicole McKenzie, sixth place

World Geography:  Karsyn Turk, third place and Laithan Knight, fifth place.

American National Government: Alyssa Hobbs, 14thplace.

Photography: Aubrey Hawkins, fifth place.


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