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NMS holds academic awards ceremony

Press Release

NEWKIRK — The community gathered in the Newkirk Middle School gym Monday evening, May 6 for the annual academic awards ceremony.

Students with the Highest GPA were, Claire Schieber and Waely Kirchner, fifth grade; Breck Ailey and Allison Schneeberger, sixth grade; Annalee Sewell and Blayne Vap, seventh grade; and Bailey Backhaus and Brooke Backhaus, eighth grade.

Masonic Lodge Award: Lilly Free and Landon Holick, fifth grade; Kate Free and Cooper Whitehead, sixth grade; Elisha Burgan and Jaymee Armstrong, seventh grade; and Ethan Engelking and Bailey Backhaus, eighth grade.

American Legion Award: Noellia Martinez and Luke Short, fifth grade; Gunner Froese and Ellie Didion, sixth grade; Blayne Vap and Annalee Sewell, seventh grade; and Wyatt Stone and Abigail Burgan, eighth grade.

Student of the Year: Brooklynne Reyes, fifth grade; Allison Schneeberger, sixth grade; Logan Rhea, seventh grade; and Hannah Harrison, eighth grade.

NMS Student of the Year: Allen Barney.

National Honor Society: Breck Ailey, Joshua Anthony, Bailey Backhaus, Brooke Backhaus, Sarah Balas, Carly Ballagh, Peyton Banister, Cassidy Barnes, Allen Barney, Kelsie Bowers, Daryn Burke, Caleb Free, Kate Free, Coy Harrill, Hannah Harrison, Destiny McBride, Emily Rogers, Allison Schneeberger, Annalee Sewell, Torynn Smykil, Kyson Thiel, Kyson Vap, Madsion Wathor, Elizabeth Didion and Heston Riddle.

NMS Honor Roll students: Breck Ailey, Joshua Anthony, Jaymee Armstrong, Addison Asher, Bailey Backhaus, Brooke Backhaus, Sarah Balas, Carly Ballagh, Peyton Banister, Cassidy Barnes, Allen Barney, Clayton Bergman, Edward Beshirs, Kera Beshiers, Chloe Brooks, Kelsie Bowers, Abigail Burgan, Elisha Burgan, Callie Burke, Daryn Burke, Jonston Burke, Elizabeth Coffman, Gunnar Cole, Cami Coppinger, Elizabeth Didion, Ethan Engelking, Trystyn Estes, Caleb Free, Kate Free, Lilly Free, Sheldon Gabriel, Landyn Goans, Merrill Goddard, Coy Harrill, Hannah Harrison, Landon Holick, Kyson Inman, Jaylenne Johnson, Krissa Jones, Waely Kirchner, Eymber Kirkendall, Noellia Martinez, Hailey Morgan, Makenna Morgan, Destiny McBride, Brady Oldfield, Ashlynn Perry, Brooklynne Reyes, Logan Rhea, Heston Riddle, Emily Rogers, Claire Schieber, Allison Schneeberger, Bailee Schneeberger, Annalee Sewell, Samantha Simpson, Torynn Smykill, Payton St. Andrews, Keefer Stegeman, Lexis Stegeman, Coltt Stone, Lane Stone, Wyatt Stone, Madison Swopes, Kyson Thiel, Cierra Usry, Blayne Vap, Kyson Vap, Rylie Vap, Kayden Voegele, Tayton Voegele, Teegin Washington, Madison Wathor, Cody Whitehead, Cooper Whitehead, Ayanna Williams, Landon Wright and Anna Yinger.

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