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NASA students publish children’s book

By Everett Brazil, III

The Newkirk Herald Journal

NEWKIRK — Many adult writers aspire to publish their life’s work, what is termed “the Great American Novel,” to put their name on a page in the literary community. A group of kindergarteners at Newkirk Elementary School (NES) has already reached that goal, however, as they have published a book of their own, sharing their own likes and interests with fellow students across the country.

Dixie Colquhoun teaches kindergarteners at NES’ NASA program (Newkirk After School Academy).

The book, titled, “Our NASA Family Story,” was published by Studentreasures, LLC, of Topeka, Kan. A chance sighting of one of their ads on Facebook set the ball in motion last November.

“You can send off for a free kit of blank pages you could draw on,” she said. “The kids get to pick their favorite things to write about.”
There were a variety of favorite items, ranging from rockets and racecars, and even the world itself.

They then not only describe why they love their favorite items, but also write about what makes them special.

“They drew their own illustrations, and told me what they loved about their favorite things, and I wrote them down for them,” she said. “I put it all together and sent it to be published.”

This was the first time the NASA program had a book published and received their very own hardback copy in March.

“They were all very excited to do this,” she said.

They weren’t the only ones excited, and the larger community has also been positive and supportive about the book.

“We had lots of compliments from the school, and a couple from the parents about how neat it was that we did this,” she said.

For Colquhoun, she is excited to have such a project for the kids.

“I think it is awesome. I was super excited about it, to seeing the reactions on their faces,” she said.

The kids received the most benefit, as publishing a book at such a young age has many be an influence for those kids who are just starting to explore the world.

“It gives then a boost in confidence. They were really excited to see the program get done,” she said.



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