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Newkirk youth shine at Local Livestock Show

Press Release

The Kay County Farm Youth Center, in Downtown Newkirk, was filled with excitement Saturday, Feb. 18 as Newkirk FFA and Go-Getters 4-H members put their show animals on display in the annual Local Livestock Show.

The Kay County Junior Livestock Show wrapped up yesterday, with the awards banquet following tomorrow night.

Ewe Lamb

Champion Commercial Ewe: Ethan Vap

Supreme Ewe Lamb: Ethan Vap

Reserve Supreme Ewe Lamb: Cole Vap

Wether Lamb

Champion Cross Wether Lamb: Lindsay Vap

Grand Champion Wether Lamb: Jacob Merhoff

Reserve Grand Wether Lamb: Lindsay Vap

Showmanship Award: Cole Vap, Junior; Lindsay Vap, Intermediate; and Ethan Vap, Senior

Doe Goats

Division One Champion: Jacob Merhoff

Division Two Champion: Carly Ballagh

Supreme Champion Doe Goat: Carly Ballagh

Reserve Supreme Doe Goat: Trenton Morton

Wether Goat

Division One Champion: Kinley Brown

Division Two Champion: Kinley Brown

Grand Champion Wether Goat: Kinley Brown

Reserve Grand Wether Goat: Trenton Morton

Showmanship Award: Emy Packard, Junior; Kinley Brown, Intermediate; and Hailey Morgan, Senior


Champion Hereford: Shafer Shanks

Champion Commercial: Justin Fast

Supreme Champion Heifer: Justin Fast

Reserve Supreme Heifer: Shafer Shanks


Champion Angus: Ethan Vap

Champion Red Angus: Logan Rhea

Champion Shorthorn: William Cubbbage

Champion Simmental: Levi Kubik

Champion Cross: Kyndall Dowler

Grand Champion Steer: Kyndall Dowler

Reserve Grand Steer: Levi Kubik

Showmanship Award: Levi Kubik, Junior; Kyndall Dowler, Intermediate; and Ethan Vap, Senior



Champion Berkshire: Rowdy Barber

Champion Duroc: Justin Fast

Champion Hampshire: Ross Kelly

Champion Hereford: Ross Kelly

Champion Poland: Logan Rhea

Champion Spot: Aiden Alfrey

Champion York: Hayden Johnson

Champion Commercial: Avery Choate

Supreme Champion Gilt: Justin Fast

Reserve Supreme gilt: Avery Choate


Champion Berkshire: Avery Choate

Champion Duroc: Ross Kelly

Champion Hampshire: Justin Fast

Champion Hereford: Avery Choate

Champion Poland: Logan Rhea

Champion Spot: Rowdy Barber
Champion Cross: Ross Kelly

Grand Champion Barrow: Justin Fast

Reserve Grand Barrow: Ross Kelly

Showmanship Awards: Stockton Payne, Junior; Hayden Johnson, Intermediate; and Justin Fast, Senior

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