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Hutchason, Owen named NMS Students of the Month

Press Release

NEWKIRK — Newkirk Middle School (NMS) is pleased to announce Madalyn Hutchason and Gabe Owen as the November Students of the Month.

Hutchason is the daughter of Melissa and Luke Hutchason. She enjoys playing basketball and running track and helping others. She also really likes animals.

Her favorite subject is math but she also likes science. She likes math because numbers have come pretty easy for her and science because it is interesting to learn how things work.

She has earned recognition on the NMS Superintendent Honor Roll and was awarded the Newkirk Chamber of Commerce Citizen Award. She was nominated as sixth grade Student of the Year and in seventh grade, was awarded the Masonic Lodge Student of Today.

She attributes her success in school to all of her great teachers, her family’s encouragement and being organized. She would like to earn a degree in veterinary medicine and eventually open her own clinic.

She believes that middle school students can make a positive impact on society by volunteering in the community and helping with school activities.

Owen is the son of Emily Tate and Jeff Walker. He enjoys wrestling, GATS, science, baseball and STEM. His favorite subject in school is science because there are so many things to discover and learn about.

During middle school Gabe has been on the Honor Roll and has also won a baseball championship. He contributes his success in school to his determination and will power to stay on track. His future plans are to become a chemist.

He believes students can make a positive contribution to society by being role models for the younger generation.

Congratulations to Madalyn and Gabe.


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