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Students recognized at academic awards ceremony

Press Release

Newkirk High School (NHS) students were recognized for their academic success during in  2021-2022 school year in the annual academic awards ceremony in the high school gym Thursday, May 12.

Mr. Conrady

Algebra 1: Joshua Anthony and Heston Riddle

Algebra 2: Logan Smith an d Andrew Shelton

Ms. Payne
Biology: Ezra Shelton and Delaney Colquhoun

A&P: Owen Case, Laithan Knight and Samantha Lee

Tech Support: Owen Case, Morgan Wathor, Logan Rhea and Cooper Whitehead

Mr. Brisco

Work Study: Tyler Randol

Geometry Concepts: Kat Chance

Ruthie Shurtz Special Olympics: Dakota Fiarris

Academic Achievement: Coltt Stone and Cami Coppinger

Algebra 1 Concepts: Adrian Logan

Edgenuity: Bailey Rogers and Elizabeth Wilkins

Life Skills: Adam Chace

Most Improved Student: Jacob Short

Outstanding Student: Kiarra Wilson

Ms. Ainsworth

Chemistry: Brooke Backhaus and Bailey Backhaus

Physical Science: Cooper White Head and Racheal Custer

Drams: Owen Case and Morgan Wathor

Ms. Shreck

Art 1: Trystyn Estes and Gina Mullerschon

Art 2: Wyatt Stone and Caleb Free

Ms. Karsten

Spanish 1: Racheal Custer and Torynn Smykil

Spanish 2: Samantha Lee and chase Watson

Mr. Kelough

Plane Geometry: Levi Luis an Addison Asher

Economics: Own Case and Emily Chrisman

Math of Finance: Gunner Cole and Karrisa young

Math Foundations: Ashlynn Hageberg and Kayden Garrison

Ms. Schieber

Geometry: Racheal Custer and Logan Rhea

Pre-Calculus: Giovanni Dacchile and Bailey Backhaus

Ms. Scott

English II: Delaney Colquhoun and Ezra Shelton

reading Sarah Custer and Justin Fast

Ms. Brazil

World History: Brooke Backhaus and Bailey Backhaus

Oklahoma History: Allison Schneeberger and Tynlee Ramey

Mr. Wood

U.S. History: Andrew Shelton and Bailey Backhaus

Military History: Levi Luis and Kyson Hasselbring

Ms. Brisco
English I: Joshua Anthony and Cooper Whitehead

Honors English I: Allison Schneeberger and Breck Ailey

Honors English II: Racheal Custer and Makenna Morgan

AO English Language and Comp: Ethan Vap

Mr. Huster

Current Events; Alexia Smith and Aiyanna LeClair

Ms. Vaughan

English IV: Toby Weant, Miranda Chace and Dawson Guidry

English III: Brenton Bliss and Callie Burke

English II: Kat Chase and Skyler Carney

English I Eddie Beshirs and Aston Naegele

Math of Finance: Brenton Bliss and Mason Wathor

Plane Geometry: Rylie Reynolds and Skyler carney

Algebra I Concepts: Eddie Beshirs and Ashton Naegele

Ms. Mayse

English III: Andrew Shelton and Kyson Vap

English IV: Emily Chrisman and Samantha Lee

Speech: Nathan Randol

Ms. Odom

Vocal Music: Aceson Davis and Kera Beshirs

Ms. Mayden

Earth and Space Science: Logan Rhea and Andrew Shelton

Physical Science: Tynlee Ramey and Torynn Smykil

Yearboo: Emily Chrisman, Aiyanna LeClaire and Tayton Voegele

Mr. Montalvo
Band: Emily Chrisman, Ezra Shelton and Chase Watson

Music Appreciation : Ember Kirkendall

Mr. Scott

Computer App: Delaney Colquhoun and Giovanni Dacchille

Mr. Hackworth

Government: Rachel Custer and Logan Rhea

Academic Letter Awards


Laithan Knight, Chase Watson, Owen Case, Emily Cheisman, Kaiden Gregory, Matthew Mayse, Kaylen Mills, Morgan Wathor, Tate Cline, Ean Watters, Samantha Lee, Nathan Randol and Blake Johnston


Brooke Backhaus, Bailey Backhaus, Carly Ballagh, Kyson Vap, Ethan Vap and Caleb Free


Racheal Custer, Logan Rhea and Ezra Shelton


Allison Schneeberger, Torynn Smykil, Breck Ailey, Kate Free and Ayanna Williams

Masonic Student of Today

Maya Gentry and Chase Watson

Teacher of the Day

Megan Schieber




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