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Leadership Newkirk holds fundraiser for park equipment

By Everett Brazil, III

The Newkirk Herald Journal

NEWKIRK — Lions Park has seen many improvements recently, including the reopening of the baseball field, a resurfacing of the tennis courts and new handicapped swings, a project of the Leadership Newkirk Class of 2020 that allows activities for all children. The Class of 2022 is also looking to improve the property, seeking to install new picnic tables in the park’s numerous pavilions, in an effort to get families out to the park and once again getting outdoors.

Getting there requires funds, and on a cold winter Saturday morning, Feb. 5, members of the Leadership Newkirk Class of 2022 are huddled behind several tables, all of which are covered in a variety of baked goods. A stream of potential customers passes inside and out of Apple Market, taking advantage of the second day of the store’s Massive Meat Sale. Indeed, the community is alive this frigid weekend, as the Newkirk local livestock show is taking place downtown.

Leadership Newkirk chose that weekend for the fundraiser for that very reason.

“It was a good idea to have both events on the same day,” said Caralee Boswell, as she shivers behind the frigid tables.

The sale had only been underway about an hour, and there are many baked good items for sale to the public, with many customers stopping as they leave the store. Those baked goods include cookies, cakes, pretzels, muffins, rolls and even pop corn, offering a tasteful treat for nearly everyone.

After starting at 11 a.m., they sold out all those items in only a few hours.

“It went very well. We were sold out by 2:15 p.m.,” said Leadership Newkirk facilitator Dawn Brakey. “People came out for the meat sale, so we knew it was going to be busy. Even with the cold temperatures, people came out for the sale.”

The bake sale was held for the goal of installing picnic tables at Lions Park, the project of the class.

“There has been a lot of updating at Lions Park, and we would like to contribute to that,” Boswell said.

Rusti Payne added, “This will help with the beautification of the park.”

Leadership Newkirk estimates the picnic tables will cost about $5,000, and the bake sale alone netted more than $1,000, including from donations. Those interested in assisting can donate at Equity Bank, Community National Bank and a private funding page.

Once installed, the new picnic tables will help add beauty to Lions Park, and hopefully bring people outside to have a family cookout.

“The people who care about the community make it better,” Brakey said. “It’s about making Newkirk a better place for the community.”

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