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NPS under police surveillance following TikTok post

By Everett Brazil, III

The Newkirk Herald Journal

NEWKIRK — The Newkirk Police Department patrolled Newkirk Public Schools (NPS) Friday morning following a viral post on the social media site TikTok Thursday, which encouraged students to threaten their schools with violence.

NPS officials were aware of the situation, and posted on Facebook assurances to parents that the school was taking care of the issue.

“There was a TikTok challenge that encouraged students to make threats to the school,” NPS Superintendent Scott Kempinich said. “Our Facebook post and all-call were simply preventive measures to ensure that students and staff at NPS finish the last day of the semester in a safe environment.”

A police officer was on-site until school let out in the afternoon. Most students went home at noon.

“We had a police presence all day to help keep a safe environment,” Kempinich said. “There was no threat at NPS. I am appreciative of our local law enforcement agencies for helping us.”

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