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Grit and Grace Outdoors adds new archery facility

By Everett Brazil, III

The Newkirk Herald Journal

NEWKIRK — Archery is a popular hunting style, especially among deer hunters, and many types of archery equipment are available at hunting and fishing shops. For archery enthusiasts in North-Central Oklahoma and South-Central Kansas, Grit and Grace Outdoors now has an archery shop, bringing in not only new equipment, but also a trained expert to repair archery equipment.

The Grit and Grace Outdoors Archery Pro Shop opened earlier this summer in the small outbuilding next to the main facility. Stepping inside reveals a small world of archery and accessories, ranging from compound bows and crossbows to strings and other safety equipment.

Dennis Lobsinger will service all equipment as needed. The facility will be open every Monday from 5:30 – 9 p.m., and all day every other Saturday all day. They may increase hours as demand calls, especially during hunting season.

“We are a full-service archery shop that can work on bows,” said Grit and Grace Outdoors co-owner Jason Grace. “We also sell new arrows, fletching and have bow servicing.”

There are many hunting and sporting opportunities with archery, whether through a crossbow, compound bow or long bow. There is also a multitude of game species that can be hunted with a bow.

“Every animal can be harvested with a bow, but around here, it’s mostly deer, turkey and hogs,” Grace said.

The big problem comes in servicing the equipment professionally, which has become more difficult in the area in recent years. Like an auto mechanic, archery techs have the training and expertise to keep them functioning.

“Before, there was not an archery pro shop between here and Wichita. We wanted to have that service to keep people from having to drive two hours to have that bow serviced,” Grace said.

Lobsinger has the expertise to provide that service.

“He’s a certified bow technician, and he’s been to school to work on people’s bows,” Grace said. Grace added that all types of bows can be serviced at the facility.

Grit and Grace Outdoors also plans to help archers increase their practice, as there are few opportunities in the area.

“In the area, there are few places people can go shoot,” Grace said. “At this time, we’re  going to help them get a target. They go to a local club, Ponca Bow and Archery Range.”

Even though they have only been open a couple of months, they have already seen a lot of business from area hunters.

“We’ve had a pretty good turnout. We’ve sold some bows, and we have a pretty good clientele base,” he said. “We’ve also worked on about a dozen different bows.”

Hunting season is only weeks away, and for those wishing to prepare for that time, now is the perfect time have the bows checked buy a professional.

“As hunting season gets closer, it is a good time to have your bow checked out and tuned up. Bring your bow into the shop and see if we can help you out,” Grace said. “To stay the most up-to-date, follow us on Facebook.”

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