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Gregory granted more time for downtown repairs

By Everett Brazil, III

The Newkirk Herald Journal

NEWKIRK — The owner of a structurally-deficient building in the 100 Block of North Main Street has been granted more time to address building damage, as the City Commission voted to grant him more time to shore up the façade to prevent further damage or injuries.

The Commission met June 14 and granted Austin Gregory two more weeks for fix the façade, and will reconvene at the next Commission hearing, June 28, to decide the fate of the structure.

The Commission met May 17 and gave him an initial two weeks to make repairs, as well as provide a timeline for a contractor. He has not yet started the project, and appealed for a September timeline, as Newkirk Main Street has applied for a grant to address the building repairs in his structure, as well as 129 N. Main, which lost part of its roof in the May 2019 storm.
The Commission decided to grant the two weeks to potentially save the building.

“They knew the building needs to be taken care of but they want to give the owners every opportunity to do that,” said City Manager Ryan Smykil.

Gregory has only been granted the two week timeline at this point, and if he can strengthen the façade and receive approval from the Newkirk Fire Department, the Commission will then make their decision.

“The owner said that he was going to do some temporary bracing this weekend to prevent further slippage,” Smykil said. “The fire department will verify its completion, and it will be presented to the Commission at its next meeting, the 28th.”



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