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NHS students earn big in academic awards

Press Release

NEWKIRK— Newkirk High School students, family and community supporters gathered in the new gym May 11 for the annual academic awards ceremony.

Keith Conrady

Algebra I: Logan Rhea, Ezra Shelton and Kayman Coffman

Algebra II: Bailey Backhaus and Brooke Backhaus

Debbie Brazil

Oklahoma History: Logan Rhea and Delaney Calhoun

World History: Aubrey Brower and Caleb Free

Derek Bishop

English II: Kyleigh Warren and Grant Burrell

Reading Strategies: Annalee Sewell

Jill Shreck

Art I: Andrew Shelton and Jose Ramirez

Art II: Aiyanna LeClair

Art III: Mikayla Spears

Mitchell Kelough

Intermediate Algebra: Koy Moman

Plane Geometry: Kaylee Armstrong

Math Remediation: Logan Rhea

Economics: Bailey Backhaus and Brooke Backhaus

Morgan Marks

Physical Science: Drake Duncan and Blayne Vap

Chemistry I: Emily Chrisman and Kaylen Mills

Chemistry II: Anisa Layton and Kaitlyn Ball

Megan Karston

Spanish I: Chase Watson and Coy Harrill

Spanish II: Owen Case and Emily Chrisman

Denys Mayse

English III: Samantha Lee and Kaylen Mills

English IV: Haiden Huster and Madysun Strasburger

Speech: Brielle Horton and Samantha O’Brien

Steven Brisco

Academic Achievement: Mattie Godfrey, Kobe Killscrow and Madison Swopes

Most Improved Student: Toby Weant and Colt Stone

Math of Finance: Dakota Fiarris

English: Sapphire Fields

Work Study: Dakota Fiarris and Dalley Huster

Distance Learning: Kat Chace and Dalley Huster

Ruthie Shurtz Special Olympian: Angelena Oakes

Diana Vaughan

English I: Destiny Enderud and Kat Chase

English III: Miranda Chase and Dayton Godfrey

English IV: Tyler Wilkins

Math of Finance: Toby Weant and Audra Johnston

Plane Geometry: Noah Shelton

Algebra I: Cami Coppinger and Mattie Godfrey

Karen Payne

Biology: Logan Rhea, Ethan Vap and Sam Lee

A&P: Broke Backhaus and Bailey Backhaus

Megan Schieber

Geometry: Logan Smith and Ethan Vap

Pre-Calc-Trig: Laithan Knight and Kaylen Mills

Shonda Brisco

English I: Logan Rhea and Ezra Shelton

Honors English I: Delaney Colquhoun and Blayne Vap

Honors English II: Brooke Backhaus and Bailey Backhaus

AP English III: Chase Watson and Morgan Wathor

Kevin Wood

History: Laithan Knight and Emily Chrisman

Lori Mayden

Yearbook: Brielle Horton and Rebel Caldwell

Environmental Science: Haydn Wood and Emily Chrisman

Physical Science: Annalee Sewel
Eddy Scott

Computer App: Haydn Wood and Samantha O’Brien

Weightlifting: Blake Johnston and Javier Perez

Scott Dutton

Government: Andrew Shelton and Bailey Backhaus






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