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Kay County Fair Board announces bi-annual reorganization

Press Release

NEWKIRK — Upon the recommendation of the present Kay County Free Fair Board, Inc., and according to the state law pertaining to Free Fair, the acting president is calling a Free Fair Election in Kay County for the purpose of electing two members of the Free Fair Association in each municipal township in the county, the election to be held on Tuesday April 13, at 9 a.m.

The law provides that the call for this election shall be by posting notices in at least two public places in each township.

Beaver Township, 7171 N. 106 Lane, Newkirk

Blackwell Township, TOPS Museum, 303 S. Main, Blackwell

Carlisle Township, 9700 S. 108th, Tonkawa

Cross Township, Harmony House, 212 S. Third, Ponca City

Dale Township, Dale Township Fire Department, 3875 E. Gate Road, Newkirk

Kaw Township, 13170 E. Canteen Road, Kaw City

Kildare Township, 2193 E. Kildare Road, Ponca City

Longwood Township, Lakeview Camp Grounds office, 8875 Lake Road, Ponca City

Lowe Township, Braman City Hall, 302 S. Broadway, Braman

Miller Township, 9801 W. North Ave., Ponca City

Newkirk Township. Community room – Kay County Courthouse basement, 201 S. Main, Newkirk

Owen Township, 22122 W. Riverview Road, Tonkawa

Renfrow Township, Farmer’s Grain, 1201 S. 140thSt., Nardin

Rockfalls Township, 20445 W. Judo Road, Braman

Roundgrove Township, 4813 Cowskin Lane, Ponca City

Ponca City Township, 4813 Cowskin Lane, Ponca City

Tonkawa Township, Tonkawa Ag. Building, 500 E. North Ave., Tonkawa

Vernon Township, Peckham Christian Church, 7050 W. Church St., Newkirk

Waltham Township, Frances Bohannon residence, 6901 E. Brake Road, Newkirk

Weston Township, 6801 W. Doolin, Ponca City



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