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Keen wins first jackpot in ‘Chase the Ace’ game

By Everett Brazil, III

The Newkirk Herald Journal

NEWKIRK — Kay County Assessor Susan Keen was the first lucky winner of Newkirk Main Street’s ‘Chase the Ace’ game, and the community is invited to continue playing for the weekly and progressive jackpots, which ultimately aids the Newkirk Main Street organization.

Keen’s name was randomly drawn Friday morning, Oct. 30, winning the $33 weekly jackpot. Weekly jackpot amounts are determined by ticket sales.

“I was surprised. It was fun knowing I won, I’m happy and thrilled,” Keen said. “It was something I didn’t expect.”

To play the game, participants must purchase one or more raffle tickets, and sign their name and phone number on the back. Tickets are $5 for one, or $20 for five, and are available at Newkirk Main Street, Capone’s Hoagies, Equity Bank and Newkirk Tag Agency.

Each Friday, Newkirk Main Street will randomly draw one name, who wins the weekly jackpot. The individual with the weekly winning ticket will also draw one playing card from the deck, attempting to pick the Ace of Spades. If the Ace of Spades is drawn, the game ends and that person takes home the progressive jackpot..

If the participant draws an alternative card, however, the game continues weekly and the progressive jackpot increases until the following Friday. All tickets will be destroyed weekly, and new raffle tickets will be issued. Tickets must be purchased weekly. Drawn cards will not be placed back in the deck.

The jackpot amounts will be based on ticket sales that week, with portions aiding Newkirk Main Street.

“Fifty percent of the proceeds go to Newkirk Main Street. Twenty percent go to the weekly jackpot, and 30 percent go to the progressive jackpot,” said Newkirk Main Street Director Alyssa McCleery. “The more weeks it goes on, the better chance you have at winning the progressive jackpot because there’ll be fewer cards in the deck.”

For more information, visit the Newkirk Main Street office, visit the Newkirk Main Street Web page,, or call (580) 362-2377.

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