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NHS holding food drive for community

By Everett Brazil, III

The Newkirk Herald Journal

NEWKIRK — The winter months are slowly approaching, and many needy families can have trouble heating their homes against the cold while also trying to put food on the table. Members of the Newkirk High School Culture Club and National Honor Society are stepping in to help with their annual food drive, with donated food items to be kept locally at Newkirk House of Refuge Church.

The food drive will continue through next week, concluding Friday, Oct. 23. Students will compete by grade to see who can bring in the most donations, with the winning class earning a pizza party.

The students are accepting non-perishable items for the food drive, including canned fruit, vegetables and meat, pasta, sauces like spaghetti sauce and salsa, boxed meals, breakfast cereal and more.

The organizations are also taking cash donations to purchase food.

Donated items can be left at the Newkirk High School office, or dropped off in classrooms at the High School.

The students urge the community to participate to help feed the needy in the Newkirk community.

“The food drive is important for all reasons, (including) caring for others who need it,” said Starr Graham. “Lots of people can’t afford food because of their expenses.”

The students also see the food drive as a way to bring awareness of those in poverty or are homeless, and that it doesn’t take much to help those in need.

“It raises awareness about poverty, increases donations, and you don’t need to contribute a lot,” said Mikel Goodwin. “Donating money can feed more people, and all of it goes to people who need it.”

Haley Merhoff added, “Many people die from hunger, and this is setting an example for others: helping those who can’t afford food.”

For more information on the food drive, including how to donate, contact Newkirk High School at (580) 362-6241.

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