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NHS announces 2019-2020 academic awards winners

Press Release

NEWKIRK — Newkirk High School is pleased to announce the winners of the Classroom Outstanding Excellence Awards 2020 for outstanding excellence in the classroom.

Language Arts

Spanish I: Owen Case and Emily Chrisman

Spanish II: Anisa Layton and Nicole McKenzie

English I: Sapphire Fields, Ethan Vap, Anthony Kreger, James Newman and Brenton Bliss

English II: Dayton Godfrey, Owen Case and Kaylen Mills

English III: Brielle Horton and Isaiah Stephens

English IV: Shaylee Cushenbery

Pre-AP English: I Bailey Backhaus and Carly Ballagh

Honors English II: Laithan Knight and Emily Chrisman

AP English III: Anisa Layton and Kaitlyn Ball

Reading Strategies: Clayton Bergman and Brenton Bliss


Chemistry I: Tate Cline and Chase Watson

Chemistry II: Abbigale Hartley and Haydn Wood

Physics Hunter: Hawkins and Anisa Layton

Computers: Taylor Bedore

Biology I: Owen Case and Caleb Free

Biology II: Kaydence Bruce and Micaela Rogers

Physical Science: Anthony Kreger and Ethan Vap

Environmental Science: Garrett Clark and Hannah Ewy

Anatomy & Physiology: Kaitlyn Ball and Hailey Stone


Algebra I: Tinley Anderson-Miles, Anthony Kreger, James Newman and Kirk Shirley

Algebra II: Anisa Layton and Laithan Knight

Geometry: Emily Chrisman, Owen Case, Dakota Fiarris and Audra Johnston

Pre-Calc/Trig: Shay Cushenbery and Mathew Hawkins

Math of Finance: Dalley Huster and Kaley Counterman

Economics: Hunter Hawkins, Colton Fagan and David Leven

Plane Geometry: Marissa Chase and Miranda Chase
Math Remediation: Logan Smith

Social Studies

U.S. Government: Abel Diaz-Lopez

Life Skills: Angelena Oakes

Government: Owen Case, Laithan Knight, Joshua Robb and Shaylee Cushenbery

World History: Owen Case and Morgan Luis (Second Semester)

Oklahoma History: Carly Ballagh and Bailey Backhaus

Geography: Carley Ballagh and Caleb Free

Current Events: Kyson Vap and Mathew Hawkins

U.S. History: Haiden Huster and Tanner Cline

Arts and Design

Music: Adam Chace

Art I: Anna Hasselbring and Luciel Hughs-Bell

Art II: Jancy Thompson and Shaylee Cushenbery

Art III: Nicole McKenzie and Abel Diaz-Lopez

Yearbook: Emily Chrisman and Aubrey Hawkins

History Through Film: Josie Blenz and Morgan Wathor

Music Appreciation: Abi Hartley and Haydon Wood

Computers: Kaden Gregory and Caleb Free


Girls Weights: Harleigh Riddle

Fourth Hour Weights: Austin Peri

Fifth Hour Weights: Dayton Godfrey

Academic Achievement: Kobe Killscrow

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