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Infinity offers new woodworking craft vendors

By Everett Brazil, III

The Newkirk Herald Journal

NEWKIRK — Infinity, LLC has made an impact on the Newkirk community. Located on North Main Street, they have brought new business and interest, as well as customers downtown by offering unique made-in-Oklahoma items for the household. They are now happy to present two new businesses to the facility, all locally-made in Kay County.

Infinity is operated by Miela Dixon, of Pawnee, who opened the doors in November 2019. The company consists of several businesses, including MD Bail Bonds, as well as a consignment shop that sells arts and crafts items for Oklahoma businesses, including Hawkins Beaded Jewelry, Hurricane Dixie Leather, Riverbend Acres, Ours 2 Yours, Osage Custom Metals and Keepin’ it Krafty, as well as Miela’s Nail Boutique. C&S Woodworking and AK Laserworks, both of Ponca City, are the two most recent vendors.

“(The vendors) contacted us from previous vendors that had been in our store,” she said. “They are doing really well, and they have really nice products to offer to the public.”

AK Laserwerks is operated by Adam Harned and Kelsey Griffith, of Ponca City, and they offer a variety of wood and resin items, such as magnets, earrings, key chains, tables, coasters, wall art and many other items. They began operating in 2017, but really took off the following year. Their items are available online, and have sold their items across the country.

“We have an online shop, so we’ve sold all over the country, but we’re pretty active locally,” Griffith said.

It was a friend of theirs that got them to contact Dixon, and they had their items in the shop shortly before Christmas.

“A friend of mine told me about the shop, so I reached out to Miela and I showed her what I did,” Griffith said. It seemed like a good decision for everyone.”

Having their items in the store so early paid off, as a few items were sold for Christmas presents.

“We did make a sale, even before I left Newkirk, after I set up,” Griffith said.
C&S Woodworking Designs set up the second week of December 2019, and has only been in operation a few weeks prior, as they attempt to share their woodworking passion with the community. Like AK Laserworks, they found Infinity through a friend of theirs in Newkirk.

“It was a hobby, and we’re just now getting started as a business,” said Cyndy Smith, who operates the business with Korey Smith and Jimmy Cowan.

C&S Woodworking Designs creates a variety of wood items, from patriotic flags to furniture, wall decorations and customs crafts. One particular item they create is large, patriotic American flags, which honor veterans as well as the branches of the military.

The business is still small at this point, but they are planning to offer more items as they get more customers.

“We have a wide range, we can do small project right now, and we can do custom signs,” Smith said. “We just have our items (at Infinity), we don’t have very much yet, we just have a few items in there.”

Dixon is impressed with the patriotic wooden flags.

“I really like what they do for the military and our veterans, what they do with the flag, being able to place them in the home as a tribute,” Dixon said.

Both businesses are happy to be in the Newkirk and offer their items for sale to the community.

“It’s a great little shop, and (Dixon’s) great with the shop, the setup and everything. We’re very excited to be in there,” Smith said. “We will eventually expand. We’re open to anything that we can do.”

Griffith added, “I’m excited to get anywhere locally, and I’m definitely excited to put it in a shop (in Newkirk).”

Dixon is also happy to offer their products at Infinity, LLC.

“They are not something you are going to see at every store, they are good products that everybody can use, and they are high-quality,” Dixon said.

Dixon is looking for a new location to continue serving not only the Newkirk community, but everyone in the surrounding area who makes it out downtown in Newkirk.

“We’re really excited about being in Newkirk, and we’re still looking for a new building, so if anyone has any leads, please let us know,” Dixon said.

AK Laserworks can be contacted at, aklaserworks@gmail.comor calling (580) 491-3051. C&S Woodworking Designs is sold through their Facebook page. They can also be reached at

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