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Practice firework safety on Independence Day

By Everett Brazil, III

The Newkirk Herald Journal

NEWKIRK — Independence Day has arrived, and with it come family celebrations and fireworks, as everyone celebrates America’s independence from Great Britain. There are many risks with fireworks, however, and the city of Newkirk is cautioning residents to be careful with fireworks to avoid injuries and fire.

Although many communities have annual fireworks displays, Newkirk does not. However, residents can set off their own at the Newkirk Country Club, located at 3701 E. Dry Road. No permit is required, and hours are until midnight July 3-5. They are not allowed to be set off within city limits.

“The first time, we will give you a warning. The second time, it will be a ticket,” said Fire Chief Adam Longcrier.

Two dumpsters will be located at the at the country club, at the boat dock and softball field.

“Wait until fireworks have cooled, or wet them down with a bucket of water, so you don’t light the dumpster on fire,” Longcrier said.

Children should also be monitored at all times to prevent injury.

“Kids should not light fireworks, but if they do, an adult should be present,” he said.

City officials also ask fireworks not to be lit on the greens.

“Practice firework safety, have a great time,” he said. “If there is an injury or something catches fire, dial 911, and we will come take care of it.

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