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Newkirk seniors receive scholarships

Press Release

NEWKIRK — Newkirk High School seniors received their senior awards in The Commons Tuesday evening, May 7.

Kyler Inman was recognized as Academic All State and Oklahoma Academic Scholar.

Valedictorians: Cameron Barnes, LeeAnn Cooper, Rylee Luis, Sheridan Luis and Jolynn Snelding.

Salutatorian: John Shwayat

Craig Strickland Foundation: Sheridan Luis

Northern Oklahoma College awards: Kyler Inman, Academic Scholarship; Mackenzie Keeler, Freshman Regents; John Shwayat, Roustabouts Music, Music Participation, Tonkawa Jazz Band, Tonkawa Concert-Spirit Band and Roustabouts Instrumentalist; Mason Smykil, Roustabouts Music; and Mackenzie Keeler, Ashley Butler and Rylee Luis, Cheerleading-Enid.

Newkirk Dental Scholarship: Cameron Barnes

Oklahoma Farm Bureau Scholarship: LeeAnn Cooper

McCormick Family Scholarship: Sheridan Luis

River Ridge Construction: Cameron Barnes

Newkirk Education Foundation: Payton Wooten

Anderson Higher Education Scholarship: Alexiea Smith and John Shwayat

Bill & Katy Bliss Education Scholarship: Daniel Vap

Fred & Fern Kucera Memorial Scholarship: LeeAnn Cooper

Coffee Scholarship: Cade Miller

Lion’s Club Scholarship: John Shwayat

Newkirk Women’s League Scholarship: Sheridan Luis, Daniel Vap and Payton Wooten

Kade Bergman Memorial Scholarship: LeeAnn Cooper and Jarod Thompson

Newkirk Business Club Scholarship: Kyler Inman, Payton Wooten

Academic Team Certificates of Recognition: Mason Smykil, Jolynn Snelding, Wrangler Ware and Dana Willoughby

Oklahoma State University: Cameron Barnes and Alexiea Smith

University of Central Oklahoma: LeeAnn Cooper, Sheridan Luis and John Shwayat

Oklahoma Blood Institute Honor Cord: LeeAnn Cooper, Austin Huster, Parker Lagan, Rylee Luis, Sheridan Luis, Angel Phillips, Laike Wilhelm and Payton Wooten

Scholarships for the Class of 2019 totaled $114,107.

Northwestern Oklahoma State University

Academic Scholarship: Sheridan Luis:Ranger Preview: Sheridan Luis and Laike Wilhelm


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